Simplified Monetary and Fiscal activities for Financial Crisis


Discussion of tepid recovery of Economy

We need to realize that the economic recovery is very slow since 2008.  The Free Market economy is not capable of self starting for full employment.

This article provides a layperson’s view of monetary and fiscal stimulus which are the economic theory options available to improve the economy. Based on the material here we should have some insight to what is happening and form our own opinions of the utility of government and Central Bank (FED) stimulus packages.

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US Debt out of control for a long time


Daily we hear about the Fiscal Cliff and the Federal Debt being out of control. One can Google Federal Debt and get a myriad of information. For those interested in a small amount of detail, the site US Debt provides (

This article will cover 1) what has happened, 2) how we got here, and 3) solutions from the past. A updated set of data is available and will be incorporated in this website by August. Historical data is still the same and provides the documentation for the discussion in this post.

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