Solar –Batteries – Electric Car – Self Driving Car are Disruptive Technologies

This is a picture of their Imperial Valley solar plant

This article is to demonstrate what is the rapid growth of solar and how it will figure as a Disruptive Technology. This picture shows us Solar is here. These Solar Farms are being replicated in California and the rest of the world.

A Disruptive technologies exist when new technologies take over a industries and to create new industries. Examples are the car replacing the horse in 13 years, The Internet took over personal communications and drastically improved productivity in many industries

The solor and wind industries have taken over new Energy investment to the detriment of coal and oil. Natural gas being cheaper and cleaner are also part of the coal and oil replacement. Today solar is cheaper than Coal or OIL, Replacing it the in all new construction. Nobody wants to invest in coal, oil and nuclear to be beaten on price by day one of operation.

The electric car is a standard offering today by Tesla and GM. Selling every car they make. Other automotive companies are racing to enter this market. Many people are investing in the self driving (autonomous) car markets. Major investments are being make in this future market.

So – let us get to some detail to see what is driving this Disruption and enhancing new industries. When watching these Video’s, keep in mind how the Disruptive gains acceptance because functional price drops. In the case of computers the price dropped each year or functional advantage doubled.

A lot of this has been brewing since 20010. The industry of solar and batteries has been dropping in price and function, It will take further drops as it is accepted by the public and higher volumes of production are up.

The first video (30 min) sets the stage verifying how solar and battery costs are coming down. Then it gives us a large picture view how additional industries are being created by reducing costs. This is an article with link to the video available after some text. The text makes some long ranging predictions. However the video sets the stage for these projections materializing. So – sit back , get some pop and /or popcorn and enjoy.

The second video provides more detail and substantiation of the concepts being discussed. Most of all it tells you why the costs are going down, Then he discusses why  new markets are being created. Then he identifies industries already on the path to the new markets.

In both of the video’ there is so much content, I found it helpful to look at them two or three times,

So I think it will be obvious that coal and oil will be gone. Arab countries are putting in solar. Utilities are installing massive solar arrays in the south and southwest. We will see continued advancement in cost reduction in solar, batteries and electric cars. As time goes on the public will accept the technological advancement because of price.


The third video is of a current businessman who is building the solar arrays in the United States and the World.  He builds the plants and Power Companies purchase on a contract basis. Note that he is claiming to beat coal, oil and in some cases Nuclear and gas. He is getting funding from the financial industry which kind of substantiates his claims.  In the video he talks how investors are abandoning plans for gas electric generation and going to solar based on price, not on environmental

The following link contains a video which describes how solar is advancing to big solar arrays in California desert.  This company 8minutenergy is building big (acres) solar arrays in California, Texas and many places in the World. It is big business

This is a link to their website.

Scroll to the bottom to see other sites in California

This is a article describing a large battery being installed by Southern California Edison in a area where a natural gas well leak of methane was a health hazard. The utility sized battery was installed in 3 months.

Tesla Completes World’s Largest Grid Storage Facility In Just Three Months Time

So where are these batteries coming from. To start the Tesla Giga factory is currently being constructed. Battery production has started in the completed portion. Note at the end of the video, Musk projects building multiple factories like this in the US and abroad.

This is a hour long video touring the outside of the plant and inside. Think of the massive investment going into this. Some one other than Elon Musk is providing. Part of it is Panasonic who is a partner. One hour long but very interesting for factory rats.


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