Solar –Batteries – Electric Car – Self Driving Car are Disruptive Technologies

This is a picture of their Imperial Valley solar plant

This article is to demonstrate what is the rapid growth of solar and how it will figure as a Disruptive Technology. This picture shows us Solar is here. These Solar Farms are being replicated in California and the rest of the world.

A Disruptive technologies exist when new technologies take over a industries and to create new industries. Examples are the car replacing the horse in 13 years, The Internet took over personal communications and drastically improved productivity in many industries

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Our Federal Debt is out of control

It is general public knowledge that the Federal Debt is out of control.  Here it is in simplified form. The Federal Debt is like a personal debt, if not addressed there are consequences, like that of the Financial Crisis.  Next time Congress does not want to increase the Debt, we start defaulting on our debt. The esteemed


reputation of the United States will evaporate. Data it is very evident that the debt drastically increases under George W Bush because of Tax Cuts. It continues increasing because of continuing War and explodes start of 2007 Financial Crisis.

Clinton brought the deficit to zero because of Tax increase and PAYGO spending discipline.   There are known solutions, all that is lacking is political will.  First we will get the facts to start the discussion.  A useful website depicting the up to date Debt with is provided here:  Note we are approaching 20 Trillion as the chart predicts. A lot of other useful data is in this website

The public and Congress had been warned about this most notably by former comptroller general David M. Walker and other financial luminaries:

We will be looking at :

  1. Data for the Federal Debt/Deficit
  2. Data for Federal Income, Outflows and the Deficit
  3. Who owns the Federal Debt and whose problem is it


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The author of this site was raised on a Wisconsin North Central dairy farm, got a Electronics Technology Degree, then went to the University of Wisconsin Madison to receive a Electrical Engineering degree with a minor in Economics. The farming experience drilled the concepts of laws of supply and demand, market forces and the discipline that the money has to be right to sustain the farm. This disciple was honed in with the periodic farm auction selling equipment of farmers who did not make the finances work.

My generation had the benefit of having parents and grandparents who experienced the 1929 depression and WW II. In that period, the nonsense we are experiencing now was not tolerated because everyone was busy scratching out a living. People like Donald Trump were ignored simply because you did not have time for his nonsense which rarely turned out well,

The overriding premise of this site is to get the facts right and there after we can have a discussion of what is right or wrong.  We will focus on the Financial Recession ( causes) and the Smart Electrical Grid development. Each category below provides links to subject matter relevant to the discussion.

Financial Recession

The Financial Recession is not a 100 year abnormality. It is the direct result of corrupt financial and government people eviscerating the laws regarding financial regulation. Laws were repealed or blocked giving the financial industry complete free reign. It took them 8 years to bring their industry down and leave the country in a recession eviscerating the savings of the majority population.





Smart Electrical Grid

The Smart Grid involves the incorporation of clean energy, solar, wind and storage of the energy to enable a night and day source of energy.  It is also the elimination of wasted energy, reducing cost and increasing the reliability of the grid. The program has been in effect since 2009 and directly involves the electric utilities, industry research organizations, vendors and academic institutions such as Universities and National Laboratories. 2015 was a major mile stone in that it became readily evident the technology was working, cost less and in many cases cheaper than coal or oil electric generation. The concept of Smart Grid has been termed a disruptive force where new technology is directly replacing old technology. Major utilities are installing windmills, solar panels and energy storage technologies along with smart meters. Incorporation of this technology has been a major employment generator and is already demonstrating how it can address climate change factors.